Featuring Limited Edition Fine Art Photographs by Elizabeth Carmel

Elizabeth Carmel is one of the world’s premiere landscape photographers. Elizabeth creates fine art landscape photographs for sale that are custom sized for any location. Enjoy exploring this online landscape photography gallery that showcases her fine art landscape photographs of Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Napa Valley, The Pacific Coast, Tuscany, the High Sierra, and many more locations from around the world. Art licensing other images is also available. For personal assistance please contact The Carmel Gallery at 888-482-4632. The Truckee Art Gallery and the Napa Valley Art Gallery are open daily from 11-5.

Exposing the Worlds Beauty
"I believe that experiencing the Earth's beauty has the power to help nourish and unify us, both on a personal and global level. Through my photography I strive to translate these positive experiences into fine art prints. My goal is to contribute uplifting imagery to the world in a time when we are bombarded with so many negative and sensationalistic images. I hope my photographs help nurture a sense of hope and affection for the natural world. I believe that great fine art photographs are a gateway to a larger perspective about ourselves and the universe we inhabit."
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